• As part of the new Leadership program, please note that the Lifesaving Instructor and First Aid Instructor* recertification will now only take place in person. The credit-based recertification system will therefore not be applicable starting January 1st, 2019.
  • The Leadership Program Guide is now available (edition 2019) on the website. You can consult it right now.

  • La Société de sauvetage est à la recherche de formateurs hautement motivés et dévoués pour agir à titre de Formateur Moniteur Premiers soins dans le cadre de son programme Leadership. Pour ce faire, la personne devra effectuer un stage lors d’une formation Moniteur Premiers soins.

  • La Société de sauvetage offrira la nouvelle formation Formateur du programme Leadership à Rouyn Noranda. Cette formation, d’une durée de 20 heures, prépare le formateur à enseigner des cours du Niveau 3 et moins du programme Leadership. À la suite de ce cours, vous serez qualifié en tant que Formateur et vous devrez effectuer au moins un stage afin d’enseigner l’option désirée.
  • The Lifesaving Society invites all school boards and schools across Quebec to participate in the Swim to Survive program. This turnkey program lasts 3:45 hours and was created by the Lifesaving Society to allow kids to acquire the minimal skills required to survive an accidental fall into deep water.

  • Formerly known as Emergency Care Instructor, this course has been renamed First Aid Instructor to harmonize the name with other provinces, and as part of the new Leadership program. This training is required for teaching, namely first aid and emergency care trainings, and will be offered in French in Quebec City, on October 27 and 28, 2018.

  • Lifeguards need to be ready to intervene at any time when supervising an aquatic facility. Being in the right position, systematically scanning the area and planning lifeguard supervision at your pool or at your beach will help you detect and assist a distressed victim.

  • The Lifesaving Society is looking for Trainers interested to also act aas Mentors.

  • The new Leadership program takes a fresh approach based on competencies. This new program affects the training for the following awards:

  • Come have breakfast and attend our conference on one of this year’s hottest topics: New Leadership Program!