• The new Leadership program takes a fresh approach based on competencies. This new program affects the training for the following awards:

  • Come have breakfast and attend our conference on one of this year’s hottest topics: New Leadership Program!
  • The Lifesaving Society will send out a special newsletter dedicated to the development and implementation of the new Leadership program during the following year. The Lifesaving Society considers that all its affiliated members, instructors and trainers should carefully read this information. However, anyone passionate about lifesaving will be able to read and share the newsletters.

What you should know

  • Join the Lifesaving Society’s team

    Every year, the Lifesaving Society achieves its mission by educating and raising public awareness of different issues related to aquatic environments.


    The Lifesaving Society’s Annual General Meeting will be held on April 27, in order to release the content of its Annual Report covering the previous year. This is also an opportunity for the directors of the corporation to present the highlights on our programs, activities and services, plus the financial statements.

  • March Job Newsletter
    The Lifesaving Society offers all lifeguards a Job Newsletter that aims to facilitate their job search.

Find a job

If you’re looking for employment opportunities to work as lifeguard or in the aquatic field, regularly visit our job offer section.


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