• Getting ready for a National Lifeguard recertification

    Be prepared before taking your National Lifeguard recertification! It is an exam in which your physical fitness, lifesaving abilities, knowledge and judgment are evaluated. For example, you can be asked to transfer a spinal-injured victim onto a spinal board. Being ready make it possible to reduce the recertification length and minimize the risk of failure.

  • Lifesaving Instructor, First Aid Instructor and National Lifeguard Recertification
    As part of the new Leadership program, please note that the Lifesaving Instructor and First Aid Instructor* recertification will now only take place in person. The credit-based recertification system will therefore not be applicable starting January 1st, 2019.

What you should know

  • The Affiliate member purchase order has been revamped!

    The Affiliate member purchase order has been revamped!

    In order to always improve our processes, we have replaced our Affiliate member purchase order integrated form by a form from the Google platform (Google Forms).

    It is secured, reliable and user-friendly. No Google account? No problem, no need to have one to use the form!

  • 2019 Annual Général Meeting

    The Lifesaving Society’s Annual General Meeting will be held on April 26, in order to release the content of its Annual Report covering the previous year. This is also an opportunity for the directors of the corporation to present the highlights on our programs, products, activities and services, plus the financial statements.

  • Out of stock | Medals and crests

    Important notice | Medals and crests for the Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross trainings are currently out of stock.

Find a job

If you’re looking for employment opportunities to work as lifeguard or in the aquatic field, regularly visit our job offer section.


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