• The Lifesaving Society will send out a special newsletter dedicated to the development and implementation of the new Leadership program during the following year. The Lifesaving Society considers that all its affiliated members, instructors and trainers should carefully read this information. However, anyone passionate about lifesaving will be able to read and share the newsletters.
  • To all affiliated members and instructors offering the Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses. We need your help to test the new bronze program pilot project. For this, you only have to test the new items of your choice during your upcoming Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses.

  • It will be sent to print this Friday and made available as of Wednesday! Its training items have been completely reorganized: some items have been merged, others removed and some of them split… And of course, ILCOR 2015 standards have been integrated.

What you should know

    Ever heard about the Splash Patrol? It’s a group of 6 facilitators divided into teams of 2, who drive across a specific region of the province to visit aquatic facilities and meet the aquatic managers, lifeguards and patrons. Each team discusses the managers’ needs and provides useful tools to ensure the facility’s safety, facilitates workshops and trainings with the lifeguards and organizes activities for the patrons.
  • You bring it. Wear it.

    Who better than a fish to remind us the importance of wearing a lifejacket?


  • Are you looking to hire a lifeguard?

    The Lifesaving Society offers three services to facilitate the recruitment of lifeguards and assistant-lifeguards.

Find a job

If you’re looking for employment opportunities to work as lifeguard or in the aquatic field, regularly visit our job offer section.


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