Become a volunteer Chief Judge

Criteria to become volunteer Chief Judge in lifesaving sport competitions have been changed in order to be more flexible, allowing more people to have the opportunity to take on these functions.

It is now possible apply to be Chief Judge in a type of event as an athlete or coach who is active in this very same type of event. The recruitment process formerly required that pool lifesaving sport athletes and coaches, for example, could only officiate as Chief Judges in surf and emergency response competitions. From now on, the only restriction concerns the age category: for example, if you coach a junior team of emergency response athletes, you can be Chief Judge in all types of events in the Junior and Senior categories, with the exception of emergency response junior competitions.

The application process has also been simplified; instead of having to email a curriculum vitae and a cover letter, you simply need to fill a quick online form, and the in-person interview has been replaced with a phone interview.

The Lifesaving Society strongly encourages anyone with lifesaving sport experience to apply for this volunteer position and be part of our Chief Judge database. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire more experience in the lifesaving sport field!

The volunteer Chief Judge:

  • Assesses and provides feedback on various scenarios created by the organizing committee within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Manages, in cooperation with the athlete liaison, all appeals issued during the competition (validates appeals and makes a decision in accordance with applicable rules).
  • Ensures all competition rules are followed

To become Chief Judge in one or several competition categories (pool juniors, pool seniors, emergency response juniors, emergency response seniors, surf juniors or surf seniors), complete this form (available in french only).