L’International Life Saving Federation (ILS) vient tout juste de publier la nouvelle réglementation pour les compétitions de sauvetage sportif. Initialement publiés dans un seul manuel, l’ILS Competition Manual, les règlements sont dorénavant détaillés en deux ouvrages de référence. En effet, le contenu directement en lien avec les Championnats mondiaux en sauvetage a été séparé du reste et forme désormais le 2016 Lifesaving World Championships Handbook; quant aux normes, procédures et règlements se rapportant aux compétitions de sauvetage sportif en général, ils sont expliquées dans le 2015-2019 ILS Competition Rule Book, en vigueur dès le début de l’année 2016. Parmi les changements recensés dans ce livre de règlements, on compte les points suivants (texte disponible en anglais seulement) :

Section 2 – General Rules and Procedures

  • Video cameras may be mounted on boards, skis, surf boats and IRBs.
  • Video cameras may not be worn by competitors during a race (surf boat sweeps and IRB drivers excepted).
  • Official start and end of competition defined.

Section 3 – Pool Events

  • Body tape used for preventative, medical or therapeutic/kineso purposes is allowed at the discretion of the Chief Referee as long as it does not provide a competitive advantage.
  • At the discretion of the Chief Referee, “over the top” starts may be used.
  • Rule changes (published June 10, 2014, in Technical Bulletin # 2) for manikin tows and carrries are incorporated in this edtion.
  • Additional time keepers required to conform to FINA standards.
  • Changes how rescue tubes may be worn and when rescue tubes may be clipped.
  • In Line Throw, there is no “designated mark” on the crossbar that victims must hold.
  • Disqualification codes listed at the end of this section.

Section 4 – Ocean Events

  • New Beach Run Relay event included.
  • New Diagrams for Beach Run and Beach Run Relay with corresponding changes to the event descriptions.
  • Additional guidelines regarding what Beach Flags competitors may do in preparation for the start.
  • Disqualification codes listed at the end of this section.

Section 5 – Simulated Emergency Response Competition

  • Each team may bring one additional person into lock-up to provide interpretation / translation of English instructions.
  • Sample Score Sheets included at the end of this section.

Section 6 – Surf Boat Event

  • Crews must wear helmets unless directed otherwise.

Section 7 – Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Events

  • The wearing of helmets is compulsory for patients in all events.
  • The wearing of PFDs is compulsory for drivers, crew and patients.
  • Several revisions have been made to clarify race procedure.

Section 8 – Facility and Equipment Standards and Scrutineering Procedures

  • Changes to manikin and rescue tube specifications.
  • Camera mounting specifications now included for craft.
  • Various changes in competition attire